I have to move. Whether I can afford it or not, I don’t have a choice! I have to be out in a month. I lost my job a few weeks ago and haven’t been able to find another AND I just spent my last 350 on rent. 8)

Moving is going to be very expensive as I plan to go back to Portland. Staying in Savannah would not only ruin any chances of becoming stable but also my education. I’ve gotten a number of replies about potential jobs in Oregon but the problem is that I’m not there! Long story short…I gotta get there. I’m also eating peanut butter and coffee because I’m hungry. Life is weird and I hate it and I want it to get better.

No one wants to stop seeing my emergency commission posts more than me.I’m selling whatever I can including my violin aaaand…this. This is what I can do right now.

I’d really appreciate whatever help I can get (hopefully for the last time). I also added a donate button to my blog, since every time I do this, I get asks about it. My band also has one song up on our Bandcamp which you can buy from 1-ANY amount of dollars.

So I’m offering:
Animated Commission: $20

Busts: $25
Full Body: $50

Other Options:
Donation Button
Old Pine Bones music

Contact and paypal: lochimo@gmail.com

Thanks for whatever kind of support I can get!